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We provide SEO friendly website localization in all platforms (Joomla, WP, Drupal, etc.).
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Website Localization

Website localization is a necessary step to promote your products and services to new markets. In fact, according to recent surveys, over 70% of visitors will only consider a purchase if the website is available in their native language.

ACM Translations will localize your website using the proper style for each targeted location, adding value to your website and increasing the chances for a successful purchase or transaction.

Furthermore, we utilize our global network of specialist translators and reviewers to ensure that only the correct terminology is used for your specific sector.

In addition, we support all the popular CMS platforms, such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, etc., and can handle all file formats, such as PHP, HTML, Word, Excel, text and CSV files.

Our local experts will make sure that the translation is SEO-friendly so that any keyword research work you have already done will not go to waste.

We also provide a “local SEO” service, including keyword research, ad copy and AdWords campaign consulting services.

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